Conflict can be overwhelming. Conflict resolution does not have to be. Someone in ongoing conflict with another person or organization is likely to find mediation helpful.

What is mediation?

Mediation is voluntary and confidential. When you hire a mediator, you hire a neutral, trained professional to help you and the other party work out your own agreement using proven processes and strategies. The parties, not the mediator, are the decision-makers. Mediation can help with conflicts that have already been to court and those that have not. It can be as effective as court (or moreso!) and legally binding.

Meeting Your Needs

Most mediations result in agreement. At Miller & Johannson Mediation & Family Law, we can represent people to help them make lasting and reliable agreements. One of the greatest successes of mediation is that it can preserve or enhance relationships. Therefore, mediation is often the first choice for parties who will continue seeing each other or working together in future. Participants do not need to feel they can be in the same room together at the beginning, but feelings may change by the time the mediation concludes.*

Who pays and how?

Generally, both parties share the cost by paying a retainer at the beginning.  Usually, mediation is more affordable, both financially and emotionally, than court.

Can we help you with that?

We offer representation for mediation services in the following areas:

  • Divorce and separation (property and financial)
  • Parenting Plan development for separated parents
  • Family issues around care of a loved one, such as an aging parent
  • Community and neighbour
  • Property
  • Debt
  • Landlord / tenant
  • any other conflict when the parties are ready to try talking it out.

*Most mediations occur with all parties in the same room; however, in special circumstances,  parties can be in separate rooms.  Mediation can also be conducted by telephone when a party cannot attend in person.