Mediation, Negotiation, And Collaborative Law

There are a number of ways that Miller & Johannson can assist you with your divorce or separation.

Mediation and Negotiation
Couples seeking amicable resolutions without going to court may wish to avoid the financial and emotional expense of traditional divorce litigation through mediation or negotiation with the assistance of an unbiased third party. The mediator’s role in the process is to help the two parties resolve their dispute to the satisfaction of both parties. Agreements reached at mediation are legally binding.

We also represent parties at arbitration which involves a dispute that is settled by an unbiased third party. Unlike litigation, this third party is not a judge but an arbitrator.

Collaborative Law
In a collaborative divorce, the two parties sign an agreement stating that they will not go to court, but rather will collaborate to resolve all issues themselves, with the help of their lawyers and other collaborative law professionals such as financial advisors, child specialists and mental health professionals. Clients choosing the collaborative law process agree not to go to court where a judge will decide the outcome. Instead, the parties involved agree to resolve their conflicts through a mediation process that is better able to address their personal values and goals.

Our trained family lawyers can help you determine which is best for you based on your circumstances.

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