Marriage Agreements And Prenuptial Agreements

Many couples choose to create a marriage or cohabitation agreement outlining their financial affairs during the relationship and division of property in the event that the relationship ends. Miller & Johannson can include terms that strengthen the agreement to make it enforceable by the courts.

Our firm specializes in all family law matters, including marriage agreements and cohabitation agreements for couples who are commencing relationships. Should your relationship end, we will vigorously represent your interests and assist you in creating an effective separation agreement.

Marriage Agreement
A marriage agreement is a legal contract between two people who plan to marry or are already married. These contracts outline who will be responsible for managing assets and debts during the marriage and how those assets and debts will be divided should the couple divorce.

Cohabitation Agreement
A cohabitation agreement is written to protect the interests of individuals who are already living together, or who plan on living together, and can apply to people who are NOT living in a marriage-like relationship and who do not plan to.

Prenuptial Agreement
For common law couples, a prenuptial agreement is the equivalent of a cohabitation agreement.

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