Divorce & Separation

When creating a marriage, cohabitation or separation agreement, it is essential for both parties to have legal counsel in order to protect your interests with issues such as the division of family property and debt, child custody, guardianship and child and spousal support.

Should the agreement ever be challenged in court, the document has a higher likelihood of standing up to court scrutiny if lawyers were involved in the negotiation, drafting and signing of the agreement.

Decisions made during your divorce or separation are critical ones that will affect the rest of your life. As your legal representatives, Miller & Johannson will educate you about your rights and obligations while making the divorce and separation process as painless as possible. We can assist you in developing a workable separation agreement that deals will child custody and access, child support, spousal support and division of property.

Whether you are legally married and seeking a divorce or have lived in a marriage-like relationship and wanting a legal separation, we can help you settle through mediation and negotiation, and where necessary, represent you to help you to settle your disputes in court.

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