Child Support

We are here to ensure your children get the best support possible based on your individual situation. Every child has the right to the financial support of his or her parents. In child support matters, Miller & Johannson can help parents pursue child support from a child’s parent or from someone who has acted as a parent, or to help people understand their rights and obligations as a parent under Canada’s Federal Child Support Guidelines.

In addition to child support, other provisions may be available for childcare, education and other special and extraordinary expenses such as daycare expenses to enable the custodial parent to go to work, health expenses, tutoring costs, extra-curricular activities and post-secondary expenses.
If you are the payor and you believe the amount established by the child support guidelines is unreasonable based on your unique circumstances, you may ask for a variation by showing undue hardship based on financial factors such as a high level of debt, other support payments being made for children of another family, support for a disabled or ill person or unusually high expenses incurred in visiting the child or children.

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