Family Law

Our goal is to empower our clients and to help – whether you are planning your estate, part of a dissolving relationship, need child or spousal support, or are involved with the Ministry of Children and Families.

Divorce and Separation

Marriage Agreements and Prenuptial Agreements

Mediation, Negotiation, and Collaborative Law

Child Custody, Guardianship and Access/Parenting Time

Child Support

Spousal Support

Additionally, our practice includes

Division of Family Assets
The division of family assets can raise complex legal questions best answered with independent legal advice. Our role as your adviser is to determine what qualifies as a family asset and how it should legally – and fairly – be divided after a divorce or legal separation. We may also represent you in court matters regarding the division and protection of family assets.

Representing Parents and Grandparents Against the Ministry of Children and Family Development

If the Ministry becomes involved in your family life, it is essential that you get advice from a qualified lawyer. We have experience representing parents and grandparents in negotiations with, and court proceedings against, the Ministry.

A dispute is in litigation (or being litigated) when it has become the subject of a formal court action or lawsuit. In short, if you are suing someone or being sued you are litigating.

We are authorized to witness the signing of important documents and to take oaths certifying that a document, affidavit, or sworn statement is true.

Independent Legal Advice
Acting purely on your behalf, we will review contracts before you sign them to provide unbiased advice on how the contract may affect you legally.